How to Purchase with the Serendipity Shoppers Club

First, welcome to our exclusive shopping group on Facebook.  We'll be posting items to this group with extraordinary discounts.  

Here's how to buy through the Serendipity Shopper Club:

  1. Identify the item you'd like to buy.  
  2. Login to your Venmo app or account.
  3. Submit your payment for the full amount shown to SerendipityATL.  We do not accept phone or ecommerce orders.
  4. The price displayed includes six (6) percent Gwinnett County, Georgia, sales tax.
  5. The first buyer to submit the full payment gets the item. Only full payments will be accepted. Offers will not be accepted.
  6. Our team will remove the item from the Shoppers Club when it sells. If you submit payment for an already purchased item, we'll refund your payment.  
  7. Pick up your item at Serendipity during normal shopping hours.  We'll mark it sold and will hold it up to seven (7) calendar days. Items not picked up within seven calendar days will NOT be refunded.