Why Do People Have Estate Sales?

From downsizes to deaths, there are many reasons why people have estate sales. This guide explores the most common reasons why people have estate sales and ways to ensure it is a success. If you’re thinking about having an estate sale but you’re not sure where to begin, this guide will give you a better understanding of them and help you decide if it’s the best option for you.

What are the most common reasons for estate sales?

Donating stuff to charity or having a yard sale works well for odds and ends, but when you need to get rid of an entire house of furniture and belongings it becomes a bit more complicated.

Hosting an estate sale is a fast and effective way to clear out a property within a few days, with little hassle and minimal effort. But why would you need to do this?

These are the five most common reasons why people have estate sales:

  • Someone has died. This is probably the most well-known reason. Handling the affairs of an estate after death usually involves some kind of estate liquidation.
  • Downsizing. This could be downsizing a private or commercial property, or because you’re going on early retirement to your holiday home in Florida.
  • Wanting a fresh start. Whether because of a divorce or metaphysical awakening, many people sell the contents of their home because they want to start over.
  • Real estate agents trying to sell a home. It’s not just individuals who have estate sales, real estate agencies refer their clients to estate sale managers to declutter and make properties more sellable.

Why is it worth hiring an estate sale company to handle matters?

Although people can organize estate sales themselves, it can be stressful and time-consuming. If you’re grieving over death it can be particularly overwhelming to deal with.

This is why people often enlist estate sale companies to do it for them. These companies are trained professionals who understand the resale market and have networks and systems in place that ensure things run smoothly and efficiently.

These are the 4 main reasons why hiring an estate sale company is worthwhile.

1. They handle all the admin and logistics

One of the biggest advantages of getting a company to arrange an estate sale is that they take care of pretty much everything — from cleaning and assisting buyers to transportation.

You work with them to make an inventory of your items, but after that, they take care of the rest. They know all the secrets for running a successful sale and will get on with it so you can carry on with your life with little interruption and no unnecessary stress.

This is particularly helpful if you don’t have time to deal with all the planning and admin that goes into arranging and running an estate sale.

2. More value for your valuables

Estate sale companies are made up of experienced liquidators and estate sale agents who understand the art of staging a sale and pricing valuables.

In a house filled with antiques and collectibles, having someone who knows how to evaluate the worth of an item can be the difference between getting $10 for something or $100. Estate sale companies do this by recommending selling prices based on value and potential for resale.

Using a company also gives you the option to allow bidding on your items. This opens up opportunities to get significantly more for your items than anticipated.

3. Great visibility to a wider audience

Companies can tap into a wider audience than you can on your own. They use a combination of online and offline promotion to ensure your sale is a success and may employ tactics like displaying your items on their website or tapping into their existing network of buyers to drum up interest.

Reaching a wider audience means a greater chance of you selling everything on your inventory and potentially even getting more than your original asking prices because the audience is bigger.

4. Consignment and buy-out options

Estate sale companies are skilled at ensuring all your goods are gone at the end of a sale, but sometimes the turnout isn’t great and items don’t get sold. This can be extremely frustrating if you need to clear out a house to ready it for a sale or you’re on a tight schedule.

Many companies offer to buy certain leftover items or put them on consignment in their showrooms. You still own the item, but the company transports it to their store or showroom and sells it on your behalf over a more extended period of time. This gives you another chance, after the sale, to find your things a new home.

It’s all about finding the right estate sale partner.

A home is a special place where memories are made and treasures are kept, so it can be emotionally distressing when you have to get rid of the things that make it what it is. When you’re choosing an estate sale company to help you downsize or liquidate an estate, finding one that understands how sensitive it can be and that can be trusted to treat your items with respect and care is essential.

Serendipity is that company.

We are a fully insured and established antique and vintage showroom that doubles up as an estate sale company in Atlanta, Georgia. We leverage the power of our showroom and team of knowledgeable downsizing consultants, liquidators, and estate sale professionals to reach a wider audience and offer all the services that make the process as easy and stress-free as possible.

No matter how big or small, we support your sale with unmatched promotion and will go above and beyond by hosting it in our showroom in Norcross if you’re concerned about privacy or security. Our approach to estate sales is all about customer comfort and convenience.

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